Raghu Fitness Zone makes it easy to fit healthy living into your busy’re going to love working out here.


Achieve more and get the fitness results you want faster with a personal trainer to guide and motivate you.



Working out in a group setting with a dynamic instructor to guide and inspire you and your fellow exercisers can help your fitness level reach new heights. The wide variety of classes offered seven days a week make working out convenient and our certified instructors make it fun.


Raghu's Goal

Our goal isn’t just to give you a great body – it is to transform your mindset along with your body, so your mind is trained to give only the best to your health – in terms of your workout, the food you intake and your whole approach to physique transformation..

Get that Rock Solid Body

Well, you couldn’t be at a better place! Raghu Gym offers expert body and muscle building training under the supervision of experienced professionals who will help you achieve the desired goals.

The Fitness Physics

Our training in enhancing your muscle power and strength so as to improve your Kinetic Energy. With the eccentric training sessions, you will be able to perform certain athletic activities such as running (strong legs), bowling (muscle power in hands) and outdoor sports efficiently for long stretches of time


The Fitness Physics

Our training in enhancing your muscle power and strength

Personal Training

Are you planning to achieve a fit and healthy body with the recommended

Weight Management

When it comes to weight, same numbers can tell different stories!

Strength Training

“Strength” – The fundamental crucial factor for your body for any physical activity.